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4 Christian Podcasts That Can Help Improve Your Dating Life

Christian dating podcasts

Dating can feel like navigating a complex maze, but infusing your dating life with faith-centered advice can make the path clearer and more meaningful. Whether you're deeply rooted in your Christian faith or simply looking for guidance that aligns with your values, there's a world of wisdom waiting for you in the realm of podcasts. 

4 Awesome and Insightful Christian Dating Podcasts

There are millions of podcasts out there. But here are four Christian podcasts that offer insightful, practical advice for modern dating.

1. The Boundless Show

The Boundless Show is a vibrant and insightful podcast aimed at young adults. Its focus? Encouraging listeners to have faith-filled lives, including in their approach to dating. The show covers everything from maintaining your values in today’s dating culture to nurturing relationships that lead to marriage. It’s your go-to for advice that’s both practical and spiritually grounded.

2. Talk To Me

Talk To Me with Debra Fileta is hosted by a licensed professional counselor specializing in relationship and marriage issues. Debra dives deep into topics such as healthy dating techniques, identifying toxic relationships, and understanding the difference between love and lust. This podcast blends psychological expertise with biblical wisdom, making it a powerhouse of advice.

3. The Heart of Dating

The Heart of Dating Podcast tackles tough questions and dating dilemmas from a Christian perspective. The podcast aims to identify “flaky dating behavior” and establish honest, open communication paths. It’s relatable and down-to-earth, and it feels like chatting with trusted friends about the mysteries of dating.

4. The Art of Relationships 

The Art of Relationships Podcast is hosted by experts from the Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships. They cover many topics, including navigating dating relationships and understanding the biblical perspective on romance. Their advice is research-based yet accessible, offering you both scientific and spiritual insights into forming lasting connections.

Each of these Christian dating podcasts can offer you valuable insights, encouragement, and guidance on your journey. Whether you're in a relationship, seeking one, or exploring the concept of dating, tuning into these voices can provide you with a wealth of wisdom and support.



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