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Does Age Matter? Picking Your Online Dating Age Range

Is age really just a number?

When it comes to online dating, how important is age? For some people, age is just a number–a person’s personality, beliefs, and values hold more weight than their age. For others, age is an important factor in choosing a partner. Here are some things to consider to answer the question, “Does age matter?” and tips for picking your online dating age range.

3 Tips for Picking Your Online Dating Age Range

When you set up an online or app dating profile, you typically get to choose the age range of people you’d like to meet. You get to decide how young and old your potential matches will be. While there aren’t many set-in-stone rules about the age you can choose, here are some ways to help you decide.

1. Do Simple Math

Some suggest a simple math equation can help you decide how young to date: your current age, divided by 2, plus 7. So, if you’re 29, you would set your age minimum to 21-22.

2. Consider Lifestyle Over Age

Rather than thinking about a number, some suggest considering a person’s lifestyle and where they are in life. For example, do you want to date someone who has finished college and started a career? There are 25-year-olds who have solid careers and 40-year-olds that don’t. So, rather than looking at age, you could consider life milestones and how someone’s lifestyle would fit with yours.

3. Pray About It

You can’t go wrong with asking God to guide you to the right age range. If you match with someone younger or older than you, and you aren’t sure if it’s right to pursue a relationship, bring it to God. Ask for peace and wisdom about the right thing to do.

But, Does Age Even Matter?

To an extent, yes. And to some people, more than others. If you’re interested in dating people significantly younger or older than you, consider your reasons for wanting to date within that specific age range. Is your heart in the right place? If so, opening yourself up to a larger age range might create space for the person of your dreams to show up on your dating app and into your life forever! But be safe out there–always pursue connections with wisdom and discernment, no matter someone’s age!



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