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Biggest Distractions

The Biggest Distractions to Your Christian Faith and How to Avoid Them

From school to work to your social life to making time for friends and family, you have a lot of responsibilities. Here are the 4 biggest distractions to your Christian faith and how to avoid them.

1. Yourself

Yup. You are one of the main culprits distracting you from your Christian faith. As humans, we can tend to be self-involved. We spend a lot of time thinking about our wants, needs, worries, goals, and plans that we quickly lose focus on what really matters: God. While it is definitely important to take care of yourself, it’s also important to make sure doing so doesn’t take you away from God.

To avoid this from happening, find self-care activities that grow your Christian faith, such as starting a prayer journal or listening to worship music while you take care of other responsibilities.

2. Your Social Media

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media… for hours? It happens to the best of us. You hop on to “like” one of our friend’s photos and next thing you know you are deep into the Explore page on Instagram or the comments on your family member’s latest political post. This is a huge distraction to your Christian faith, especially because a lot of the stuff you are looking at probably isn’t bringing you any closer to God.

To avoid this from happening, set a social media schedule. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to mindlessly scroll, set a timer, and when that timer goes off, close the apps for the day.

3. Your Worries

Worrying is one of the biggest distractions, and it can actually hinder your Christian faith. In Matthew 6, Jesus clearly states that believers are not supposed to worry (v. 25-34).

To avoid this from happening, do what Jesus says: “ first his kingdom and righteousness...” When you keep your eyes on Jesus rather than all the things you have to worry about, you experience more hope, joy, and peace that comes with your Christian faith.

4. Your Search for Love

Yes, dating, looking for someone to date, or getting over a breakup can easily become a major distraction to your Christian faith. When you spend more time focusing on your dating relationship than your relationship with God, it is a problem. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

To avoid this from happening, prioritize your relationship with God above every other relationship. Just like you might plan to hang out with the girl or guy you’re seeing, make plans to spend time strengthening your faith by praying, reading your Bible, and going to church regularly. When you have a strong Christian faith foundation, you don’t have to worry about a dating relationship shaking it up. To make matters better, find someone to date who has the same beliefs as you and actually encourages you in your Christian faith. Wondering where you can find such an awesome person? Download Upward.



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