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Getting to know your better half. ❤️

Hey, bestie!

Have you been wondering what’s behind that cute smile you just spotted on Upward? Does your new match love Jesus and coffee as much as you do? Are they really husband material? 🤔

Sometimes a cute smile and a ‘to see what happens’ isn’t enough to make us swipe right. We know that it takes more than a “Loves God” in their bio to really get you interested in someone, which is why we just added our new Profile Fields! 🙌

Share more about yourself and learn more about your matches to help you break the ice with a little more than a hey 👋. Discover if they are searching for new friends or the love of their life 🔥

Whether you are looking to bring someone home for the holidays 🤷‍♀️ or meet your soulmate, our new Profile Fields are here to help you 💘! Check them out now on your Upward profile settings!



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