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Jason & Jerra

Praying for a husband...

Story submitted by Jerra

I was 27 when I was on Upward. After praying for a husband and being born again for 2 years at that point, I wanted to have a godly man. The FTH app, what is now Upward, randomly popped up on my Facebook timeline and I figured I’d give it a try. I met a guy and we hung out a few times but he wasn’t ultimately interested in a relationship with me. I was super down and defeated after that, and then a few months later, thought I’d try the app again. When I went back in, it was now Upward, and I downloaded and deleted the app about 5 times. The last time I downloaded and created a profile, I said that I was going to actually stick it out. THEN, that was the time I met my now husband. What a blessing!

I met my husband in late September of 2020, and made it official on October 7, 2020. After talking for 6 weeks on the phone and FaceTime, he came from Wisconsin to Indiana and the our relationship was sealed with the physical meeting of each other. We traveled together, meeting his parents and family for Christmas. We also traveled with my parents several times. My parents loved him from the beginning and the same with his parents. He courted me for about 9 months, and proposed to me July 2021, during his birthday weekend. He got married 4 months later on November 27, 2021 and moved to a new city, where we have been happily married ever since. What’s so cool is that my husbands brother asked my husband the app that we met on (which is Upward) and met his now wife. Coincidentally, my name is Jerra (now Jerra Lane) and her name is Jerrilyn Lane. I’m so thankful for this app being this was obviously God’s plan for us, and my brother and sister in law lol! Thank you!



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