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Jessica & Joe

God's great story...

We'd like to say that our story started on July 2, 2022, the first day we started talking, but our story doesn't start there. God was working all things together for good, long before we knew one another. We grew up with similar Christian backgrounds, we are both 1 of 5 children with loving and supportive parents. We each had a little rebellious streak but always a heart of gold. We both love deeply and genuinely. We were married young, Joey at 18 and Jessy at 19. Six amazing children, one sweet grandbaby, and a lot of heartache later, we found ourselves starting over and looking for the love God had in store for us. We found one another on a dating app, of all places. Neither of us had used one before, in fact, when Jessy's cousin, who works for referred her to their new Christian app, she quickly dismissed the idea but in an act of faith, agreed to try it and tell her all about the experience. She met Joey on the first day on the app and they talked for a couple of weeks before meeting. Jessy was hesitant because of the 1.5 hr drive between them but Joey was pretty sure it would be worth it to meet and "see where things go". We met at a restaurant on McKinney Square on July 20, 2022, where we talked for 3 hours! When we stood up to leave, Joey said he didn't want our time together to end so we decided to go to a movie nearby. Maverick was in theatre and we'd like to be able to tell you how the movie was but the truth is, we stared at each other the whole time, wondering if this could be real because it definitely seemed too good to be true. We ended the afternoon with a last first kiss and it's been nothing short of an adventure since. God knew what we each would endure in our lives and we truly believe that he has brought us together, out of our mess to be a testimony to His grace and love as he has restored each of us and continues to show us how much he loves us. We see His love for us reflected not only in each other but in the love and support of our family and friends. Through the valleys and the mountaintops, God has been faithful in surrounding us with what we need, when we need it and the most common factor has been you, our family and friends, who have stood in the gap for us along the way. Thank you for being a part of our story, of God's great story and we can't wait to share the rest of our lives together.



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