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Joshua & Cassidy

God Only Knew...

Story submitted by Joshua

I met the love of my life on June 30, 2022, without realizing it at the time. Just a few weeks earlier, I had surrendered my desire for a wife to God, and expressed my contentment with being single. I had written down all of the qualities I wanted in a partner and had set high standards for myself. These qualities and standards were now being rewarded with an abundance of blessings. Growing up in a Christian household, I had always been taught that I would know when I had met the right person, and this truth was echoed by my pastors, counselors, friends, and parents. However, I had grown weary of waiting and had even joined a dating app to ease my loneliness. That's when I found Cassidy. She was not only beautiful, but her profile showed that she shared my love for Jesus and had the same mission and vision that God had put on my heart. After many phone calls and FaceTime chats, I knew that she was the one God had placed in my life. We got engaged on February 5, 2023, in the mountains of North Carolina, and are currently planning our wedding for this spring.



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