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Kaylie & Dustin

Sanctification as told by Kaylie.

Our heart for service, community, and desire for righteousness is what brought us together. The bride- “Dustin and I met on a Christian dating app that I downloaded to appease my friend. It’s not my favorite thing about our story, but the Lord used it to bring me to the person who was everything I needed. I wasn’t looking for my husband at the time, but quickly into talking to Dustin, I knew he had all the qualities I wanted in a partner and more. Dustin pursued me in such an intentional and honest way that it made it so easy to love him. He is always his most genuine self and never fails to challenge me to be better. He is the most servant-hearted person who makes me feel safe and seen. I am not lucky to have found him, I know it was intentional and I’m forever grateful to God for such a sweet unexpected gift.” The groom- “Being in a great community over the past several years has built a solid foundation for what I knew I wanted in a partner. Within only weeks after meeting Kaylie I realized that she met the high standard I had set for the person I was to marry. Her love for Christ was so evident through the way that she loved her friends and family and in the admiration they had for her. She challenges me every day to be a better person, leader, and follower of Christ. Her kind heart, soft spirit, and genuine empathy toward others have undeniably made me fall more in love with her as time passes. God has been so good to us on our journey and His faithfulness to both of us is the foundation for what we aspire to be like in our marriage.



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