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Upward Dating App Debuts Sermon Series for Faith-Filled Singles

Dallas, TX May 11, 2021 – Today, Upward, the newest dating app from Match Group for young Christian singles, officially launched their Sermon Series on the Upward Blog. Welcoming all denominations, over the last year, Upward has created a nationwide community for Gen Z and Millennial Christian believers to meet and find faith-based relationships deeply rooted in shared values and beliefs. To further expand their offerings and be a true resource for young Christians, Upward has collaborated with notable pastors from across the country to produce exclusive sermons on hot button subject matters that Gen Z & Millennial Christians face in today’s world.

Kicking off the Sermon Series, Upward teamed up with well-respected multi-site church Pastor, Craig Groeschel, Founder and Senior Pastor of Life.Church, to share his views on #RelationshipGoals. Through this sermon, Groeschel addresses the relevant topic of dating apps through a Christian’s lens and whether or not Christ would approve of young Christians utilizing modern day platforms to find love. Groeschel goes on to share that, “Jesus is always for God-honoring relationships. I don’t think he cares how we meet as long as we are meeting in a God-honoring way. I believe a tool like the Upward dating app can bring Godly people together - I could introduce you to so many people who have met because of technology…”

Upward’s Sermon Series are now available to users and non-users alike via the Upward Blog, and will be continually updated with additional sermons from both influential pastors and pastors up and coming, one such as Grace United’s (Beaumont, TX) Pastor Harrison Guillory, who shares an important message on Covid-19 Vaccination awareness. Additionally, Living with Power Ministries (Naperville, IL) Dr. Lina Abujamra shares a message geared towards young Christian women. Sermons will be published twice monthly and viewers can comment and engage with like-minded peers in the comments section.

“At Upward we understand the challenges of modern faith-based dating, and saw the need to expand our services to include additional resources for young Christians that aide in our overall mission to connect like-minded believers,” said Alexis Ferraro, VP of Marketing and Communications for Match Affinity. “It is our hope that this Sermon Series will bring relevant and timely insights from top faith leaders to our Upward family, creating even more ways for them to connect in faith.”

Upward is the newest dating app from Match Group, a leader in dating products, which has seen global success providing tailored user experiences to over 190 countries to-date. Upward is committed to helping Christians in all phases of their faith journey find and connect with other like-minded individuals to meet the unique needs of Gen Z and Millennial Christians.



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