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Upward Success Site Terms of Use

The Upward Success Site (the "Success Site") allows couples who met on Upward to submit photos of themselves, their stories of success, and tips on how to get the most out of the Upward experience. In general, the Upward Success Site offers Upward couples the chance to share their success with the world! By using the Success Site in any way, you acknowledge that your use is governed by the Upward Success Site Terms of Use, as well as the Upward App Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.

A. Users of the Upward Success Site.

Couples who met on Upward can use the Success Site to submit their dating success story, photos and tips and choose to share the materials only with the Upward team or allow Upward to share the materials externally on social media and elsewhere as described in Section (C) below.

B. Submission of Success Stories, Photos, and Tips.

To submit a success story to the Success Site, you must provide certain identifying information about yourselves and your relationship (for example, your relationship status). In addition, you must provide (a) your success story, and (b) a photo of yourselves (a-b are collectively referred to as “Your Success Profile”). In addition to Your Success Profile, you may also submit tips on how to get the most out of Upward. If submitted, tips will be considered part of Your Success Profile. If you choose to allow Upward to share Your Success Profile externally as described in Section (C) below, Upward may use only part of your content. As an example, your success story may be used without your photos or success tips or your photo may be used without your success story. You must obtain express permission from every other individual identified in your success story or pictured in any photograph you submit. By submitting content to the Success Site, you agree and represent that (i) Upward may use all, part, or none of your content, (ii) both members of the couple have agreed to these Terms of Use, (iii) both members of the couple have agreed to make their story and photo public (if you choose External Use as defined below), (iv) all information and materials submitted are true and accurate, and (v) the submission does not conflict with any obligation or restriction you may have. You agree to indemnify and hold Upward harmless for any damages resulting from your breach of this agreement or if any of these representations is false.

C. Submission of Success Stories, Photos, and Tips.

By submitting Your Success Profile and choosing the option to share Your Social Profile in social media and elsewhere (“External Use”), each member of the success couple gives Upward the unlimited right and permission to use Your Success Profile (or any part thereof) (i) on the Upward website or associated apps; (ii) on the Upward blog; (iii) in social media, and (iv) in email communications to Upward members. In addition, if you choose External Use, you give Upward the right to (a) provide your contact information to the media (provided you give written consent, email is sufficient), (b) contact you at your address (if provided), and (c) transfer Your Success Profile, or parts thereof, as necessary to effect the uses described in this section. Upward may make changes to Your Success Profile, such as re-phrasing or condensing your story. Upward may use Your Success Profile in perpetuity, but is not required to use it, or any part of it. Content submitted to the Success Site and used by Upward externally will remain available as posted or published until Upward removes such content. Upward reserves the right to discontinue the Success Site at any time.

D. Submission of Success Stories, Photos, and Tips.

Please let us know if your relationship ends by contacting us here.

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