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Valenthrive - Dr. Lina Abujamra of Living With Power Ministries


How to thrive this Valentine's Day

Dating can be fun, but it can be scary. And stressful! Sometimes, the path from singleness to marriage can feel a bit like a storm! On this Valentine’s Day, Lina AbuJamra (Living With Power Ministries) wants to help you thrive! It’s why she refers to the most dreaded singles holiday as “Valenthrives Day”! In this message, Lina, author of Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended and the host of Today’s Single Christian will encourage you to see God’s purpose for your singleness and how God uses the storms in your life to awaken you to who Jesus really is. No more fear. No more Doubt. You can thrive in your singleness even when it feels like a raging storm.

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