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Upward is the number one Christian dating app in the U.S. in 2020 & 2021.

About Upward

Did you know if you put "Jesus", "God" or "Bible" in your dating profile on mainstream dating apps, you are 25% more likely to get swiped left on. 👎

Now if you're new to dating apps getting swiped left on is not a good thing. Left means no, left means pass. Upward's goal is to turn this judgment against Christian singles on its head. Will you join us? Our mission is to allow members to be who they are, perfectly imperfect growing followers of Jesus. Help us #makejesusviral by putting "Jesus" in your profile because at Upward that is a profile deal maker. 

Upward is more than just Swiping.

Leave the ninety-nine behind and find your one. Whether you are looking for friendship or a relationship at Upward, we realize how difficult it can be for our members to connect with other Christians. We've created a fun, inclusive, and inviting community for just that.