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6 Ways to Pray for Your Future Spouse

Praying for your future spouse

Whether you've met the person you plan to marry or you're still waiting for that special someone, praying for your future spouse is a powerful way to support them, even before you walk down the aisle together. It's like laying down a spiritual foundation for the life you'll share. Here are six thoughtful ways to focus your prayers.

1. Pray for Their Relationship With God

Start by praying for your future spouse's most crucial relationship — their connection with God. Ask that they grow deeper in faith, understanding, and love of God every day. This spiritual grounding will be the anchor for all aspects of their life and, by extension, your life together.

2. Pray for Their Mental and Emotional Health

Life can be tough, and we all go through ups and downs. Pray for your future partner's mental and emotional well-being. Ask that they have peace in their heart, clarity of mind, and strength to face challenges. Pray for them to have joyful moments that uplift their spirits and the resilience to bounce back from hard times.

3. Pray for Their Protection and Safety

We all want our loved ones to be safe. When you pray for your future spouse, include prayers for their protection — emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Whether it’s safeguarding their heart against discouragement, their body against harm, or their spirit against negativity, your prayers can form a shield around them.

4. Pray for Their Life Decisions

Life is full of crossroads and decisions. Pray for wisdom and guidance in your future spouse's choices, from small daily decisions to significant life changes. Ask that they be guided toward paths that bring them closer to their purpose and enrich their life.

5. Pray for Their Dreams and Ambitions

Everyone has dreams and goals. Pray for your future spouse's aspirations, that they find fulfillment in pursuing their passions and achieve success in their endeavors. Your prayers can be the wind beneath their wings, encouraging them to soar to new heights.

6. Pray for Your Future Together

Lastly, don't forget to pray for the life you will build together. Ask for guidance in becoming the best partner you can be, for harmony and understanding to prevail in your relationship, and for love that grows stronger each day.

Praying for your future spouse isn't just about asking for what you hope for; it's also about preparing your heart to be ready for them. It's an act of love that starts before you say "I do," setting a foundation of faith and commitment for the incredible journey ahead.



Jun 26

Very powerful and profound guideline 🙋🏻‍♀️❤️🙏


Jun 01

I am blessed

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