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Andrew & Charitey

How to get married in 9 Months or less...

Story submitted by Charitey

I have some exciting news to share! Thanks to Upward and the grace of God, my partner and I got married less than nine months after matching on the platform. We had both been searching for love within our social circles for years without success, but everything changed when we connected on Upward one night in May 2022. We hit it off right away, bonding over shared interests like shoes, basketball, food, and ministry. After our first Facetime call, we talked for hours, and he asked me on a date during our next call. The only challenge was that I lived 4 1/2 hours away. Despite the distance, we both knew that we had something special and started traveling to each other's cities. It wasn't easy, as we were both heavily involved in ministry, but we made it work. In October, he surprised me by proposing on the balcony of one of our favorite coffee shops in Pensacola while the sun was setting. I said yes, and three months later, we tied the knot in Eclectic, AL with 40 of our closest family and friends. We now live in Tuscaloosa, where I have a great job, and we both serve at his church. We have big dreams of doing ministry together for the rest of our lives. I'm grateful to Upward for bringing us together and to God for His blessings!



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