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Chase & Amanda

Eloped after 3 months...

Story submitted by Chase

We connected on May 30, 2022, and hit it off right away. I'm from Seattle and she's from southern Oregon. As luck would have it, she was visiting Seattle the following week with a friend to attend a concert. We met up for a few hours and started to FaceTime for the next month until I traveled to Oregon to see her for a few days. We had a fantastic time, and two weeks later, she flew to Seattle to visit me for a few days. After that, I flew back to Oregon, and we stayed together for about 11 days at her parents' home (they were on vacation the entire time). We got married 2.5 months after connecting on Upward, and then honeymooned in Hawaii for ten days. After that, she moved to Seattle with me and is currently living with my parents. We feel blessed by God for bringing us together and are deeply in love!



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