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Chris & Casey

God Knew...

Story submitted by Casey.

I joined Upward. after leaving a toxic relationship and discovering my faith in Jesus following a fire in my home. I was looking for a man of God, and I was fortunate to meet Chris only a few days after creating my profile, which was surprising since he had just moved to my area of Florida from the same area of DC where I had lived years before. Despite never having met before, we hit it off immediately. Our first date lasted all afternoon and evening, and we knew that our connection could be serious. By ouris asked me to be his girlfriend, and I happily agreed. He shared my morals and values and lived his life with a love for God that was evident in all he did. Six months later, Chris proposed, and we were married in my family's backyard in Maryland this past June. After completing renovations following the fire, we recently moved into our new home together. We attribute this divine setup to God but are grateful to Upward for providing the platform where we could find each other.



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