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Should Dating Couples Go to Church Together?

Putting God at the center of your dating relationship is one of the best ways to ensure it goes the distance. This can include praying together, reading your Bible together, and going to church together. However, many dating couples run into an issue with that last one because each person already attends a home church. If that’s the case with your relationship, you’re probably wondering, “Should dating couples go to church together?”

Why Is It Important to Go to Church Together While Dating?

Going to church together can be a great way for dating couples to get to know each other on a deeper level. If faith is a central part of both of your lives, attending church together can help you feel more spiritually connected. However, going to church together while dating isn’t a make-it-or-break-it thing. There are many reasons dating couples attend separate churches, but it doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed.

What if We Don’t Go to Church Together While Dating?

If you both love your home church and are super connected, you might not want to leave to attend your partner’s church. That’s okay! Dating couples don’t have to go to church together. However, if you want to merge this part of your life without leaving your home church, there are ways to do that:

  • Alternate churches: go to your church together one week and go to your partner’s church together the next

  • Attend your home church on Sunday morning and attend other church services together, like a Wednesday night small group or Saturday evening service

  • Watch your partner’s church service online–this is an excellent choice for long-distance couples

  • Decide when you’ll merge churches, like once you’ve been dating a year or once you’re engaged–whatever makes the most sense for you

How Soon Is It to Go to Church Together While Dating?

It’s never too soon to attend church with someone you’re dating. If you’re both followers of Jesus and passionate about your faith, attending church might be a comfortable environment to grow your relationship. However, it’s important to ensure both of you are ready to merge that part of your life. It definitely warrants a conversation before one of you shows up on a Sunday morning out of the blue.

When Should Couples Definitely Go to Church Together?

While dating couples might not be ready to choose one church to attend together, married couples definitely should. A study released by the Institute of Family Studies found that 78% of couples who attend church together reported being “very happy” or “extremely happy” in their relationship. So, when things start to get serious, or you’re preparing for marriage, it’s a good idea to start discussing where you’ll go to church together.

To Go to Church Together or Not: That is Not the Most Important Question

Fortunately, while you’re dating, whether or not you go to church together is not the most important thing. You can do so many other activities together to strengthen your relationship on a spiritual level. From reading the Bible together to listening to Christian music during your car rides to starting a Bible study or small group with other couples, you can find ways to connect on a deeper level and grow together.



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