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Dealing with Dating Pressure

from our guest writer Pastor Freddy Wachter:

How many Christians deal with dating pressure? We would imagine for anyone reading this there is a high percentage. You might have people say these famous lines. “How can someone as Beautiful/Handsome as you still be single?”, “Jesus has that perfect person picked out for you!”, or

“ If you pray and fast more then you will find the one!”. My favorite one is, “ Maybe you are just being too picky and you should lower your standards.”

Can we all agree that hearing any of these are hurtful to our emotions and our soul?

Let me first off say for all the great single people reading this. There is nothing wrong, or sinful about being single. Don’t let other people’s opinions shape or influence you to rush into an unhealthy relationship all for the sake of making them happy. In the end, your happiness and well-being are all that matter. After all, are the people that share their opinions about you, dating you? No!! Then why let the negative comments affect you.

Learning to be content in your single season is the best time to learn more about who you are as a person. Rather than having someone having to define you. Be defined first in Jesus, surround your circle of influence with people who are your greatest fans that encourage you during your single season. Fall in love with yourself, so that when you are ready to date, you are so confident in who you are as a person, you aren't looking for someone else to complete you.

This will help you build confidence and set healthy boundaries for when you are dating. You are able to recognize what I call green flags when dating. And you will see the person as Jesus sees them through his filters, not some filter on a social media video. You will learn to not only be attracted to the outside appearance of someone. Which we all agree is important to have. You will learn to look deeper into a person and see the beautiful or handsome soul that they are in Christ.

There are 3 types of relationships, thriving, surviving, and dying. Ask yourself of the 3 which one would you want to be in? More to come…


Pastor Freddy



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