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Delson & Lydia

Instant Connection...

Story submitted by Lydia

I joined Upward with the hope of finding a kind and religious partner. After being on the platform for around 8 months, I finally met my husband! He caught my attention with his first message, which asked me where I would like to travel to if given the chance. This was a refreshing change from the usual boring messages I received. Delson and I texted for a week before he took me out to a lovely Brazilian steakhouse for our first date. During that date, he told me that he believed God had brought him to Austin so that he could meet me. Within two weeks of getting to know each other, he was already talking about marriage. We got engaged after 3 months and tied the knot 4 months later. We recently had a wedding ceremony in Austin, on the same day as our first date last year. It's amazing how much God has blessed us when we put our trust in Him. A year before our wedding, my friend and I fasted for a week to pray for a husband. A year later, I got married and so did she. Never underestimate the power of prayer and fasting!



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