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Easter Date Ideas

Easter Date Ideas: Yes, Christians Can Have a Date on Easter

Easter is on the 4th of April this year. Do you have anything special planned? If not, we can help. Here are 4 Easter date ideas to make the most of this important holiday. (And yes, Christians are allowed to have a date on Easter, we promise.)

1. Attend a Church Service

Both Christians and non-Christians choose to pay their respects to this religious holiday by going to church. In fact, more people attend church on Easter Sunday than nearly any other Sunday of the year. While you may already have plans to go to church on Easter, invite the guy or girl you’re seeing to come too, and make it a date! Whether you attend in person or virtually, this is a great Easter date idea. To make it extra special, go out to breakfast beforehand or enjoy a nice brunch afterward.

2. Do an Easter Craft Together

Dying Easter eggs, going on an Easter egg hunt, and eating chocolate bunnies are all traditional Easter crafts and activities. And you can turn all of them into fun Easter date ideas. To keep things focused more on Jesus than the Easter Bunny, give your craft a religious spin. Think paint and wine night Easter edition where you paint a picture that represents the hope of Jesus… while snacking on a chocolate bunny.

3. Volunteer at a Local Non-Profit Organization

Is there a local soup kitchen near you? Consider volunteering to help serve food to the hungry on Easter. Oftentimes, organizations will do something special on holidays for the people they serve, and they always need an extra hand. This is a great Easter date idea because you get to spend meaningful time with your partner while giving back to the community and helping those in need at the same time. It’s definitely what Jesus would do.

4. Have a Romantic Easter Dinner Together

Having a big Easter dinner is another holiday tradition for many families. Switch it up and turn it into a romantic Easter date by having an intimate dinner with your boyfriend or girlfriend. While at the dinner table, consider sharing three things you are grateful for––like the death and resurrection of Jesus!

There are so many fun and romantic Easter date ideas to enjoy with the person you’re seeing. If you’ve yet to find that special someone to enjoy an Easter date with, no worries! See if Upward has someone you're ready to hop for.



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