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Elian & Lexie

Forever Love: The Story of Elian & Lexie

Story submitted by Lexie

I met Elian through Upward in May 2022. We were both searching for our soulmate but didn't know how to go about it. As young professionals, we turned to online dating to explore our options. When I came across Elian's profile, I was immediately drawn to his charismatic personality, love for life, and kind eyes. We both swiped right, and the rest is history! Elian messaged me first, congratulating me on graduating from college, which was incredibly sweet. I had a gut feeling that there was something special about him, and our conversation flowed naturally as we learned about each other's families and goals. The following week, we decided to meet in person, and our first date was amazing. Fast forward ten months, and our lives have changed in the most wonderful ways. During a weekend getaway to New York City in March 2023, Elian proposed, and I said yes! We feel blessed to begin our lives together and plan to get married in Fall 2024. I never imagined meeting my forever man online, but sometimes life can surprise you. We believe that God brings people together in unexpected ways, and Upward was the catalyst that set our relationship in motion. We are grateful for this opportunity and excited for our future together.



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