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Gideon & Christina

An Upward Love Story:

We call this one, "Bring all three of your sisters".

As told by Christina:

I had the Upward app off and on for several months. I even dated a few guys on there, but nothing really worked out. I would have the app for a while, then get rid of it. I was so sick and tired of meeting a guy, talking for a while, then realizing we weren’t a good fit (or he would ghost me). Gideon, however, only had the app for an hour before he saw my profile and slid right! He then closed the app on his phone and waited. I saw his profile, thought his bio made him seem like a solid Christian guy and slid right on him as well! He was homeschooled, played musical instruments just like me, and was non-denominational. It was a match! We started talking, and within a week, he asked me when he could come to meet me (3 1/2 hours away). He said he could bring a sister if that would make me feel more comfortable. I said, “Bring all 3 of your sisters!”

So they drove over a huge mountain range on a Sunday morning, met me at the house I was at, jumped in my car, and we went to church. Afterward, I fed them a big lunch, we went on a hike, and came back for coffee and pie. He asked to hold my hand, and I said, “Yes”. I didn’t think it was possible for him to be a serial killer with his 3 sisters watching.

A few days later, he asked if he could call me his girlfriend, and less than 6 months later we were married!

Being married to Gideon has been so healing - better than I could’ve ever imagined marriage being. I was scared in the dating season (to say the least), but I felt God in it, and I’m so thankful I went through with everything! Gideon’s gentle personality heals wounds that I can’t even explain fully… past things that happened to me that twisted my view of who men are, and how they are supposed to treat women. He lifts me up, loves me like crazy, and encourages my creativity in life. I love him so much. And I pray our love will keep growing and growing as the years fly by.



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