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Joanna & Jesse

God’s Providence

I joined the app with a friend of mine to become closer and have something to talk about. To my surprise, I found a few guys I didn't mind chatting with, but there was one standout guy - Jesse. Our conversations were very natural from the beginning. We didn't meet in person until a few months later, as Jesse was busy. When we finally met, we both felt we had found our future spouse. From then on, we wanted to talk to and be with each other. We enjoyed exploring, listening to music, discussing Disney movies, and learning about each other. We knew we wanted to pursue a life together. We started going to church every week and saw each other every day for several months. We supported each other through a lot of life changes. Exactly one year after we became official, Jesse proposed, and we got married in early April of 2024. We both had dreams for our future, which felt like distant fantasies. But once we found each other, they gradually became realities. We know there are many more to come. God's providence is a cornerstone theme of our relationship, and we look forward to recognizing it for all the days of our lives as husband and wife!



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