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Jonathan & Brianna

I settled for too long...

Story submitted by Brianna

Throughout my life, I always dreamed of finding a man who shares my love for Jesus. However, I had never been in a Christian relationship before. I found myself in a "situationship," where I desired more but was met with resistance from my partner. I realized that I couldn't keep settling for someone who didn't want me. Although I wasn't a fan of dating apps, I decided to give Upward a try and put in my last best efforts. Just two days into exploring the app, I found the man of my prayers. The best part of our Upward story is that his age was outside my preferred parameters. Due to a "bug" in the app, I had to select my parameters every time I logged on, but one day I forgot and there he was! I may have had unrealistic expectations for what I thought was the perfect man, but God knew better for me. Jonathan is the man that God had intended for me, and I am forever grateful. He prioritizes his relationship with God and lives every day with Christ's teachings in mind. We will be getting married in June, and I couldn't be more thankful for Upward.



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