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Josh & Denhi

Another Upward Testimony:

I had been Upward for about a week, and I had sort of forgotten I had it for a little bit when I got a match from a man named Josh. I saw that we were of the same denomination, we attended the same university and were both living in the same town. I decided I would give him a shot. I never would have imagined I’d be in the relationship I am now in that moment.

After messaging for a while on the app, we moved onto Instagram, and then other social media apps. Finally, we decided to meet in person. We met for the first time in the park behind the campus catholic ministry building of our school, and from the moment we met, we knew that this was going to be something we both wanted to pursue.

5 and a half months later, we have grown so much together in our relationship with Christ and seeking heaven together. God brought us together for a reason and used this app to do it. We are excited to see where Gods plan takes us ☺️.



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