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Lauren & Brandon

Another Upward Testimony:

told by Lauren:

We met in June of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic on Upward! Brandon was very bold and straightforward from the start- he asked me for my number and followed up by asking when he could take me on a date. Our first date consisted of mini-golf, go-karts, arcade games, ice cream & lots of laughs. There was no awkwardness or lull in the conversation. We talked about our jobs, our family & our relationship with the Lord. We had a blast and found out we enjoy a lot of the same things. It was almost weird how much it felt like we understood each other from the beginning. From that day on we hung out often having to be creative with our time because nothing was open. Sitting around a campfire, playing cards, ordering takeout became a normal occurrence.

We got engaged on February 18th, 2021 on a frozen lake at Moraine State Park! Brandon told me he had the day off for truck inspections and wanted to go scout out camping sites for the spring. So on a random Thursday afternoon, we drove up to the park. When we got there the lake was frozen over and people were on it ice fishing. He tried to make it my idea because of course, I wanted to walk on the frozen lake. He brought a tripod "to take a cute picture" but he tricked me and filmed the whole thing. I was overjoyed to say yes to the man I've prayed for. After he proposed we went back to his house and many of my friends were there to celebrate. He killed it.

We are getting married on November 6th of this year. We were both hesitant about online dating at first but we could not be more thankful we did it. Brandon is my best friend and I cannot wait to be his wife and glorify the Kingdom together.


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Congratulations i wish yall the

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