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Lydia & Luke

Luke & Lydia's Happily Ever After Submitted by Lydia.

Luke and Lydia matched on January 16th, 2022. Luke led off the text conversation with a joke. He asked, "Why do cows have hooves?". After Lydia inquired why, he responded, "Because they lactose". Somehow this was enough to hook Lydia into getting to know Luke more. The couple's first date was six days later. Luke invited Lydia to lunch at Indulge Bistro in Golden, CO. Luke brought along a loaf of sourdough for the carb queen, Lydia. The bread and conversation flowed at lunch, so much so that the couple continued to talk while walking around Clear Creek for an hour after lunch. Then, with the sun beginning to set and the temperature cooling, they went to Starbucks to continue talking and getting to know one another. Luke ended up spilling half of his earl grey tea latte on himself. Even despite being such a clutz, after the conversation was winding down, Lydia agreed to a second date. On January 31st, while Luke was handily defeating Lydia in cribbage, Luke and Lydia made their relationship official after Luke nonchalantly called Lydia his girlfriend. The couple then dated for a year and a half. They experienced a whole lot in that time. Both Luke and Lydia found reinvigorated relationships with Jesus. For Lydia, this led to her spending three months in South Africa on a mission trip. For Luke, this led to him seeking out a bachelor's degree program in biblical studies with the intent of eventually working in Christian ministry. Lydia took Luke to Georgia to see if he'd sink or swim whilst meeting the millions (okay maybe not millions, but the many) siblings, nieces, and nephews that made up her large close-knit family. Spoiler alert; Luke loved the big family dynamic. Luke took Lydia to Washington and Oregon to meet his family and friends and see where he grew up. Lydia enjoyed the relatively relaxed Johnson family in addition to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Those are just a few of the highlights that occurred in the time the two dated. Then, on August 11th, 2023, Luke took Lydia on the last date of her just being his girlfriend. The couple returned to Indulge Bistro (the location of their first date) for a dinner date. All the while, Lydia's small group, and the couple's photographer friend, Adrian, were on a mission to set up for the proposal. Luke's proposal plan was thrown a curveball when the Colorado summer thundershowers began raining down, muddying Lookout Mountain and making that a no-go for the proposal to take place. So, with immense help from Lydia's girls and Adrian, Luke audibled to a bridge across Clear Creek in Golden. After dinner, Luke led Lydia to the bridge (where friends, rose petals, and champagne awaited them) dropped down to one knee, and asked for her hand in marriage. Lydia emphatically said yes. Now the couple is looking forward to the next stage in their relationship with a wedding in March 2024.



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