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Matthew & Britt

Love at first "site".

Story submitted by Britt

After 14 years old marriage my ex-husband left me for another woman. After a nasty divorce, and some poor choices on Tinder I was defeated with the idea and hope that a true LOVE exists out there, and if by some odd chance it wasn't in the cards for me. I uninstalled my dating apps. Then on TikTok I saw this ad for a Christian Dating App. And that testimonial was exactly what I wanted. Love...faithfulness...honesty...and so I gave in ONE LAST TIME. I was on the app for three days but hadn't swiped much still down from my terrors on Tinder. But the first man I matched with was Matthew. Matthew was in a terrible car accident 3 years ago that left him literally dead. After a miracle and the loss of one of his eyes, he is making to full health with no limitations. It's a true miracle he is with us today much less a functioning adult. So when he was ready to get back into the dating world after his recovery, he also downloaded Upward. His first match was ME. After a few days of communication through the app and then personal numbers they decided to meet up for a swim date. Being one of the hottest summers in Texas history this felt appropriate. They spent 3 hours in the pool chatting, laughing, getting to know each other. They talked as though they were old childhood friends who had fallen out of touch over the years. Speaking to each other just came so naturally. After swimming they went to his house and spent the night listening to music. It was amazing how much they had in common. By the time they took a moment to acknowledge the time it was late into the early morning. He asked her to spend the night to avoid driving home tired. Now they are incredibly happy and very much in LOVE. With plans for the future and learning how to make it work as a little family of 4 (Brittianey is a mother of 2 daughters). Matthew and Brittianey know they would now be where they are now with the most amazing person in the world if it wasn't for Upward.



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