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Morgan & Ben

We’re engaged...

After our initial match on the app, we followed each other on Instagram and started direct messaging. After messaging over a couple of days, Ben asked Morgan out to coffee in March. Morgan “ghosted” him for 3 months and didn’t respond to the message *not her proudest moment*. In June, Morgan reached back out and asked Ben if the offer for coffee still stood - to which he responded that it did! We met at Blueprint Coffee for our first date on June 18th and started officially dating on June 25th. One of our most memorable experiences has to be Ben’s two eye surgeries. Ben had two torn retinas, which he mentioned on our first date. Little did Morgan know, she would end up taking care of Ben for both surgeries. The first surgery was exactly a month after we started dating. It was a highly stressful situation and not a fun experience but after that, we both knew that this was the person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. On January 7th, Ben proposed and it was an easy yes for Morgan! Ben is in youth ministry and Morgan will be moving to Illinois after the wedding. We are excited to be starting our life of ministry together by loving Christ and His church.



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