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Nicole & Jake

Who knew it would take a dating app to start talking?

Jake and I had our first date last August. We connected through Upward and started talking. Jake’s first message to me was, “Who knew it would take a dating app to get us to start talking?” It turned out that Jake and I had a lot in common. Although we both went to Michigan State University and were involved in a Christian ministry on campus, we never crossed paths until our first date. We had hundreds of mutual friends, attended the same post-college weddings, and lived in the same town, but it took us five years, a global pandemic, and a 60-mile separation before we finally connected on August 2nd, 2023. I had downloaded Upward to find love and someone who shared my faith, and the first profile I saw was Jake’s. Jake had also downloaded Upward that same day, and when he saw my profile, he sent the first message. If not for Upward, we might have never spoken despite all our missed encounters. We are grateful that God used a dating app to bring us together. We got engaged this month, and we are thankful for Upward playing a part in our story. We never anticipated that a dating app would be the means of bringing my best friend, supporter, fiancé, and true love into my life. Thank you, Upward!


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What a beautiful story Nicole and Jake have. Their faces tell it all. I believe the Lord has a person for everyone. He said, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” It’s just when and where. Lol


Paul Buzzard
Paul Buzzard
09 juil.

I had always Loved a beach wedding. This union is so beautiful to watch 😍 can someone buzz me in on on free time. maybe for some time ,party, event or relationship xxx Cheers to humanity ❤️

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