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Not Christian Enough?

So, You Tried Bumble and Tinder… Not Christian Enough for You?

Dating in this day and age is hard enough as it is. Dating as a Christian makes it even harder. Being a Christian on secular dating apps and trying to find someone with the same interests and values as you is the hardest.

One of the first online dating sites,, was launched in 1995. At that time, online dating was a brand new idea. But not anymore. Now there are tons of online dating sites and apps to make finding the love of your life easier than ever. Or so you would hope. Unfortunately, for Christians, this isn’t always the case.

What dating apps do you have downloaded on your phone right now? Bumble? Tinder? Hinge? How have they been working for you? If you’ve used these dating apps for any amount of time, you’ve probably realized they aren’t designed for Christian dating relationships.

The Bumble and Tinder Dilemma for Christians: They Simply Aren’t Christian Enough

If you are serious about finding a Jesus-loving man or woman to date, Bumble, Tinder, and similar dating apps pose some serious problems. Yes, these apps were designed with good intentions–to help singles find quality people to date and, maybe, even start a life with–but everyone uses the apps in their own way. Oftentimes, these apps are used for hook-ups or casual dating. For Christians looking for intentional dating relationships, finding that on a secular dating app is like finding a diamond in the rough.

The Solution: Christian Dating Apps

If you are tired of searching secular dating apps for believers who hold similar values as you, you’re not alone. But where else do you look? You know all of the other singles that go to your church–maybe you’ve even dated one or two–but they aren’t for you. None of your friends have anyone in mind. And you don’t expect Mr. or Mrs. Right to simply show up at your doorstep. So, what now?

Now there is a dating app designed specifically for single Christians to match with people who share similar beliefs, values, and interests: Upward. The goal of Upward is to create a community of single believers of every denomination and level of faith so you can find someone who is truly on the same page as you. If you’re tired of Bumble, Tinder, and other secular dating apps with no hope, there’s finally a solution. Upward - Where Christian Singles meet.



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