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Raya & Matthew

Love at first sight? As told by Raya.

Matthew and I have a love story that is one for the books I can confidently say! We took why wait, to a whole new level! We wholeheartedly believe that the Lord can surely do quick and miraculous work after what He did between us. Matthew and I met on February 26th when we matched on Upward. Fast forward to our first date on March 8th, we talked for 16 hours straight! Now here’s where things really ramp up, I travel to Ohio to meet Matthew at his home where we miraculously fell in love just a few days into my trip. Matthew proposed to me on March 14th. In comes the why wait when we wed March 20th! We knew in our hearts that we were created for one another and we also wanted to keep our marriage pure as we hadn’t remained abstinent in past relationships. We both prayed for each other before we met. I have included a book that I highly recommend to couples considering marriage. It guided me in praying for Matthew before we even met. I also suggest praying for what exactly you desire in your spouse. The Lord surely Checked all of my boxes!



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