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Sam & Wendy

Long distance to in the same city...

Story submitted by Sam

Sam’s side of the story. NOVEMBER 28, 2021 The fact, that I'm even writing this is insane! I never thought dating was for me. I was never the guy who could pick up what people were saying unless it was super direct. The thought of a girl giving any indication that they liked me probably went right over my head. I wasn't the biggest fan of dating apps. I always had this idea of finding someone in church and going from there. After 3 years of finding amazing friends and being involved with the church. I did not find anyone who I clicked with. I decided to give dating apps a shot! Now unlike Wendy, I downloaded 3 to 4 dating apps (gotta increase my options right? lol) and was on them for about 4 weeks. Honestly, I was getting tired, being left on read and having no meaningful conversations was super frustrating, BUT then it happened!! I got a notification saying I got a match! I opened the app honestly not expecting much but BOOM I was greeted by this absolutely GORGEOUS girl with an amazing smile! She didn't have much of a profile which kind of made me curious and wanting to get to know her more, One problem, it said she was 300+ miles away! I was up in Pittsburgh at the time celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. I thought it was basically a lost cause, but something was telling me to text her so I did. The conversation was amazing! She was funny, sweet, and super easy to talk to! Leaving Pittsburgh something weird started happening, the distance kept getting shorter, 200 miles... 100 miles... 50 miles...Once I got into Charleston it finally stopped at 13 MILES AWAY! I was freaking out! We had been living 20 minutes from each other for 4 years and attended different churches 2 minutes from each other! The rest as they say is history. Wendy’s side of the story. NOVEMBER 28, 2021 I never thought I would ever be downloading a dating app... Guess what? I ended up downloading Upward. I found out about Upward from my friend Sarahbeth back in September 2021, while we watched the bachelorette. She mentioned I could try this dating app while living in Livingston, Texas. At the time I didn't really have any interest or felt the need to ever try a dating app. SUPRISE I DID! Shortly after moving back home to Charleston, SC. I wanted to see what all the hype was on dating apps. I ended up downloading my first dating app ever on November 27th, 2021. In complete honesty, I was exhausted trying to slide through all these guys trying to find a match. The majority of them were not my cup of tea. Until... this handsome guy wearing this black suit popped on my feed. I SLIDE RIGHT that Night! DUH! The next day he ended up sending the first message. He asked a question which I have never truly answered fully to this day. When we were conversing through messages it just felt fluid and easy! We had a lot in common it felt like we were the same people. One of the biggest green flags was our love for Jesus. Our talking adventure begins. Never thought a dating app would bring my best friend for life. We both give thanks to God for bringing us together!



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