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Shelby & Logan

An Unexpected Love

(This is the story we wrote on our wedding invites.) From the first time they heard each other's voice, they knew this would be different. She quickly learned that Logan was kind, forthright, steady, and consistently surprised her. Shelby Rhea was striking & beautiful, an old soul kindred to his. We joked of how we were born in the wrong generation wishing we might go back to the 40s or 50s. Our shared passion in seeing people know Jesus lit the early spark we shared which grew into a beacon of light that guides our life together. Those early days were marked by long phone calls that we measured by the sound of passing trains we both lived near. Those phone calls turned into Summer day trips full of romance and great southern food which ended in Shelby Rhea relocating to Louisville in the Fall. If you had asked her about her move, she would have told you it was for her dream job. But something besides her family and her career brought her to Derby City. Logan met her family as he moved her very heavy, antique furniture into her three-story townhome. Moving furniture together is the real test of a relationship, right? She met his family as they tossed her around on a tube behind a boat as she yelled for them to go faster! As Winter gave way to Spring, they began to pray and talk together more about marriage. Both individually and with the support of many loved ones, they both knew this was the next right step for their lives. On the day of the 149th Kentucky Derby, Logan proposed on the banks of a local pond under the guise of fishing. She said, "Yes, Yes, Yes!"It is truly only a love story God could author. Friends and family are such an important part of our lives and we are honored by your support and celebration in this season of our life! Isaiah 42:5-7



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