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Swipe Left?

Swipe Left on Christian Stereotypes Why Do You Get Less Swipes on Dating Apps as a Christian? If you’re looking to date someone with similar values as you, you’re going to need to be upfront about what you want. Most dating apps give you an option to write a short bio about yourself. Maybe you put “Christian” in yours or mentioned you’re looking for a “tall, dark, handsome Jesus-loving man.” There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it’s good to be able to confidently share what you believe. However, there is a chance it means you get less swipes on dating apps as a Christian, and here’s why.

Singles Swipe Left on Christian Stereotypes If someone swipes left on you on a dating app because it says “Christian” in your bio, they aren’t actually saying “no” to you. They are likely saying “no” to the assumptions they have about believers. There are so many stereotypes about Christians, especially when it comes to relationships. Here are a few that may be why you get less swipes on dating apps as a Christian:

1. Christians Don’t Have Sex Before Marriage For non-Christians looking for a hook-up or to date casually, knowing you’re a Christian may stop them from swiping right because they don’t know your views on sex or assume you don’t want to have sex before marriage.

2. Christians Only Want Serious Relationships People assume Christians are dating for marriage and nothing else. So, again, for those who just want to date casually instead of starting a serious relationship, knowing you’re a Christian may cause hesitation to swipe right.

3. Christians Don’t Drink or Have Fun They don’t want to ask you out for a drink because they don’t know if you’ll have one. Now, this is an interesting one because there are plenty of non-Christians out there who don’t drink, but the assumption is that Christians abstain from alcohol more often than not.

4. Christians Only Want to Go to Church and Pray The thought of dating a Christian might feel intimidating for non-believers because they are uncomfortable with going to church, praying, or other faith practices. And while you probably weren’t even considering a church service as a first date idea, the unknown can definitely cause you to get less swipes on a dating app as a Christian.

The thing is, there are so many different types of believers and levels of faith. Plus, there are many non-Christians who don’t want to date casually, don’t drink, and aren’t looking for a hook-up. But whether these Christian stereotypes are true about a person or not, they are what keep a lot of Christians from finding their new boyfriend or girlfriend on dating apps. Rather than feeling like you have to hide your faith to find love, try a different dating app instead. Upward is where being a Christian gets you more swipes right than not.



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