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Cassidy & Carter

No Distance is too great

Carter and Cassidy’s love story has God’s fingerprints all over it. Despite all odds, Carter and Cassidy met even though they lived 2000 miles away from one another. In February of 2022, Carter decided that he wanted to start looking for love and stumbled upon the Upward app. For a year he was searching for the girl that was sent by God for him. In January of 2023, Carter traveled to Missouri for a week of internship training. The day he arrived, he got on the Upward app for five minutes in search of the one. Well, little did he know that the day before, the soon-to-be love of his life downloaded the Upward app after feeling hopeless in her search for the one. Carter and Cassidy matched one day after she downloaded the app. Her hopes were high with Carter because he was a Christian, very handsome, and he only lived twelve miles from her, or so she thought. After talking and hitting it off, Carter revealed that he lives in Maine and is just in Missouri for a week on a work trip. So, they did the craziest thing possible and decided to see where this went. Days turned into weeks which turned into months. Two months later, Carter flew back to Missouri to meet Cassidy for the first time in person. Although they had been talking and FaceTimeing, they had never met in person. That whole weekend Carter was there was like a dream. They leaped there and started dating. For months they did long distances and traveled back and forth. It wasn’t easy, but this made their relationship stronger than any they had ever been in before. They couldn’t believe that a dating app and unthinkable odds could bring them their soulmate. They knew from the start that this was it; this was the person that they had been searching for. After five months of dating, Carter proposed and Cassidy said yes! This dating app, Upward, which they downloaded without much hope led to Carter and Cassidy finding the love of their life. Now, Carter is moving to Missouri and they are planning their wedding so that they can live happily ever after.



Praise God, for with HIM all things are possible. Lord l commit this new couple into your mighty hands, put your divine honey 🍯 into this relationship, give them what they need to make this union a blessed one for life with grace to overcome every marital challenges In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.


Jan 09

Congratulations to the both of you! Praying that God sends me someone I can live the rest of my life with.

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