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Daniel & Kelly


Story submitted by Kelly

We never believed in soulmates until we met each other through Upward. Daniel's thoughtful message caught my attention and we hit it off right away. After messaging back and forth for a few days, we decided to meet in person for a bubble tea date in Old Town Alexandria. What was supposed to be a short date turned into a 5-hour walk where we covered 7.5 miles, despite me not wearing suitable shoes for a long walk. The conversation flowed so well that I went home that night wondering if he was my forever person. It turns out that Daniel was thinking the same thing. We continued to date and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then, our relationship has grown stronger each day. We're both imperfect, but we're perfect for each other, and we know that it was God who brought us together through Upward. We're getting married soon and we're so grateful for this blessing.



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