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Danny & Pam

You feel like home...

Story submitted by Pam

In 2021, I decided to start dating and was overwhelmed by the numerous dating apps available. I prayed for guidance and stumbled upon Upward while scrolling through Instagram. I met some great men through the app, but it wasn't until I met Danny that I felt a deep connection. Our first date was at a park where we talked for hours. He spoke of his desires in a relationship, which aligned perfectly with mine. Towards the end of the date, he pulled out a colorful object from his pocket and revealed that it was a cross, which was confirmation for me that he was the one.

During the early stages of our relationship, Danny took me on proper dates, such as dinner, hiking, and late-night drives, which allowed us to get to know each other better. Three years later, I'm grateful for Upward and God's hand in connecting us through the app. I'm filled with love when I think of Danny, who makes me feel safe, cared for, and seen. He feels like home to me.

If I were to give advice to singles, I would say to pray and ensure that it's God's timing for you to date. Take the time to heal from past relationships before you start dating. Remember that it's not about a person's appearance; it's about how they make you feel. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and allow the man to pursue you once you make a connection. Take your time and spend time with your connection to discover shared interests and hobbies.



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