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Is It Ok to Ghost Someone You've Never Met in Person?

Have you ever been talking to someone on a dating app, and they disappear suddenly? No response to your messages, no answer to your calls? You’ve been ghosted. It can be a really frustrating experience. But is it ok to ghost someone you’ve never met in person? Keep reading to find out.

What Does Ghosting Mean?

“Ghosting” is a term used to describe someone ending a personal relationship suddenly and without explanation. When people “ghost,” they stop communicating–responding to texts, answering phone calls, etc.–and pretty much disappear off of the face of the earth. Being ghosted in a relationship can be pretty heartbreaking, especially when you weren’t expecting it and don’t have any closure. In general, it’s not kind to ghost someone you’ve been dating. But what about when you’ve never met the person in person?

Is It Ok to Ghost a Dating App Match?

Because most people consider “ghosting” disappearing from a relationship, it would technically be ok just to stop messaging someone on a dating app. You’ve never met the person in real life, and you aren’t obligated to them in any way. However, it’s still nice to explain or at least let the person know you aren’t interested in pursuing a relationship. Why? Well, put yourself in their shoes. If you were messaging someone you really liked, wouldn’t you be bummed if they disappeared without an explanation?

Of course, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe for any reason, block them, report them, and do whatever you need to do to keep yourself safe. But if it’s someone you’re simply no longer interested in, it’s kind to let them down easy instead of ghosting them altogether.

It’s Not Ghosting When the Relationship Fades

Sometimes “ghosting” happens naturally, and nobody is to blame for it. For example, say you’re messaging a dating app match, and their last message doesn’t require a response. Something like, “Thanks, you too!” You’d have to ask a question or share something new to continue the conversation. But if you’re not interested in doing that, it’s ok to stop messaging them. Some chats on dating apps fizzle out on their own. If neither one of you puts in the effort to keep the conversation going, it’s not “ghosting” when neither people respond.

The same is true if you go out on a date with someone. If you didn’t have a great time, there’s no need to message them and say you did (or didn’t). And if they don’t message you, take it as a sign that it’s just not meant to be. But if one person tries to keep the relationship going and you want it to stop, just be honest and end it. There’s no need to ghost someone when it’s just as easy to say you’re no longer interested, even if you’ve never met in person.



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