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Madeline & Paxton

Everything bagel ice cream...

We had our first date at Jeni’s ice cream shop in Scottsdale where our first interaction was being peer pressured into trying ‘everything bagel ice cream'. It was a good way to start of a relationship because of the trauma bonding over disgusting ice cream. We quickly bonded over our shared love for Jesus, politics, and joking around. Two weeks into knowing each other Paxton made it official by asking me to be his girlfriend and we both said I love you that night. We have been on many adventures since then traveling to San Diego, Texas, Denver, and Oklahoma together. Paxton proposed in Papago Park on December 5, 2023, after hiding the ring from me for about 2 months. While he was trying to tell me how much he loves me and wants to marry me I was grabbing his pockets because I thought he was fake proposing to me!!! We have set our wedding date for March 2024 and are overjoyed to get married and both of us feel like the luckiest people in the world to be together.



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