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Kimberly & Dalton

Never give up on love

Kimberly and Dalton were both at the point of giving up on dating, but that changed when Kimberly noticed a super swipe from Dalton on September 19, 2022. After looking over his page, she realized they had a lot in common, including their faith. They started talking and quickly hit it off. Their first date was on September 26th, and they both felt a deep connection. Their dates continued, and Dalton asked Kimberly to be his girlfriend on December 3, 2022. A year later, they got married on the exact same date. Despite facing challenges, they both believe they have found their best friend for life, thanks to the Upward app and Kimberly's friend, Elli, who convinced her to try it. Now, they've convinced their friend Jacob to try the app too, hoping he'll have the same success.



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