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Molly & Kyle

October 2020 Match Turns To August 2022 Married, as told by Molly.

One saying we have been repeating is "God always writes a better story" and this is ours! It all started with a swipe right. A hopeful swipe, one that from Kyle's perspective would probably not be reciprocated. "This was the girl that I would be head over heels in love with if I saw her walking around my college campus."Funny enough Kyle just graduated from an online college, and one thing his mother always said to him was" You can worry about women after you have graduated." About a month after, Molly and Kyle found each other. If Molly had a type, it would definitely be Kyle. If Kyle had a type, it would definitely be Molly. It's so CLEAR that this was meant to be. After all the heartache of past relationships and loss, God was just waiting to set us up. One rainy night, after weeks of talking on the phone, texting, through even a pandemic where Molly was quarantined (don't worry she didn't have COVID), Kyle surprised her, showed up on her doorstep and they embraced for the first time. Long distance was tough but eventually, they got through it and were living in the same town of Edinboro. A town where Molly had started her ministry just two years ago. And that’s one thing that both Molly and Kyle needed from each other. The pursuit and commitment to their faith. God has blessed them both in more ways than they ever could have imagined. Exactly one year after they met each other for the first time, they were engaged. Engaged in nearly the same spot they kissed each other for the first time. TMI? Maybe, deal with it. From watching movies together, watching Jane the Virgin, going to Texas Roadhouse, and Starbucks, singing horribly in the car together, visiting each other's families, going to church together, to just being silly and making each other laugh, this is a one and only type of thing. We truly balance each other out and have very different likes and sometimes opinions, but the commitment and love remain. The willingness to see each other in those moments, the willingness to try each other’s favorite things, push each other towards the Lord, and truly be there for the ups and downs is what will stick. A lifelong partner, one that sees us as we really are, our imperfections, doubts, and all, two people that were three and half hours away is only something God can write. And it all started on a swipe right…. It wasn’t Tinder by the way. Upward, a Christian dating app. Thank you all!



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