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Renee & Vance

God's Timing

Vance and I first crossed paths on the Upward app, and what unfolded seemed like more than chance. Despite a seven-year age gap, our lives mirrored each other's experiences before we even met. Both of us were on the verge of giving up on the app when, in a twist of fate, Vance sent me a super like. Feeling a spiritual nudge, I decided to let him pursue me, a decision grounded in prayer and trust in God. Upon viewing each other's profiles, it was evident that the Lord Himself guided us together. Our first date, lasting a remarkable 10 1/2 hours, hinted at the beginning of something special. As time unfolded, we found ourselves deeply in love and now happily married. Our journey, often mistaken for mere coincidences, reveals God's providence and beautiful work in our lives. From contemplating giving up to a lasting connection, our story is a testament to the unexpected ways God weaves love and purpose into our lives.



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