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Share Your Faith

How to Share Your Faith with Someone You’re Crushing on that Might Not Be Religious?

You swiped right, and he did too. Now you’re chatting away and plan to meet in person soon. How exciting! From the text conversation, you really like him. And he seems to like you, too. The amount of emoji-flirting is off the charts, though you’re keeping it PG. You plan to go out for a coffee date at your favorite local spot. And though you’re excited, you also have a lingering thought: How do I share my faith with this guy?

You’re not alone. Many Christian singles struggle with this. Unless you meet your crush at a church gathering, it can be hard to know whether or not they are religious… and what they will think once they find out you are.

What to do When You Don’t Know if Your Crush Believes the Same as You

While there’s not a timeline on it, at some point you need to tell them. And when you decide it’s the right time to do it, follow these 5 tips for how to share your faith with your crush.

1. Don’t Assume Anything

Just like you wouldn’t want someone to assume something negative about you because you are a Christian, don’t assume something bad about your crush who might not be religious. Until you talk about it, you won’t know what they believe or how they feel.

2. Be Open to Having a Conversation

You’re passionate about your beliefs. That’s great! But when you share your faith with your crush who might not believe the same, it’s important to be willing to have a conversation. Try not to get defensive or evangelize. Be willing to hear their thoughts with an open mind, just like you want them to do for you.

3. Know It Might Change the Relationship

Be prepared for the relationship to change once you tell your crush you’re a Christian. Just like you have every right not to want to date someone who doesn’t believe the same as you, so do they. While the hope is that everyone is accepting and open to growing together, that just isn’t always the case.

4. Do What You Need to Do

Just because someone hasn’t come out and said they are a Christian doesn’t mean they aren’t religious. But if they aren’t and that’s a deal-breaker for you, let him or her down lightly, and don’t feel bad about moving on.

5. Avoid This Problem Altogether with Christian Dating Apps

If you don’t want to have the “Christian talk” with someone you're crushing on, you can avoid the potential conversation altogether by using Upward and swipe right on people who you know are Christian like you!



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