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How to Write a Slide-Worthy Online Christian Dating Profile

Are you looking for love online and wondering how to write a profile that will snag attention? Before you start swiping and messaging, you need to create a dating profile that accurately reflects who you are as a Christian single. Here are four elements of a slide-worthy online Christian dating profile to include in yours.

1. Your Photos

When app dating, photos play a significant role in deciding whether to slide right and get to know someone. They aren’t the only factor, but they are one of the first things someone sees when they open your profile. So, it’s important to choose quality photos that give people a glimpse into your life. Here are some tips for selecting slide-worthy photos for your Christian dating profile:

  • Use recent photos–be confident in who you are today!

  • Avoid photos that are dark, blurry, or low quality.

  • Include pictures with other people sparingly (and if you do, make sure it’s easy to tell which person is you).

  • Use photos that show off your personality–a photo is worth a thousand words, so make sure your pictures say something about who you are, your interests, and your passions.

2. Your Icebreaker

The opening line of your online Christian dating profile is your first impression, so it’s important to put some thought into it. Remember, you want to stand out and showcase your personality. This is also an opportunity to break the ice or encourage conversation. Some fun ideas include:

  • A question that someone has to message you to answer.

  • A joke (or at least part of one) that you’ll finish once you match.

  • A catchy statement or Christian pick-up line that’ll get a smile out of the person on the other side of the phone.

3. Your Personality

Once you’ve captured someone’s attention with your photos and opening line, it’s time to share more about who you are, your hobbies and interests, and your purpose for being on the app. The most important thing here is to be specific. Everyone likes “hiking” and “brunch.” So for your profile to stand out, you need to get a little more creative and detailed. If you really do like hiking and brunch, share your favorite brunch spot or why hiking is your go-to pastime activity. Make this part of your online Christian dating profile fun and engaging.

4. Your Faith

Don’t try to be someone you’re not or hide your faith to appeal to a broader audience. Be proud of who you are and what you believe, and let that shine through your online Christian dating profile. This will help attract like-minded singles looking for a relationship with someone with similar values.

Example of a slide-Worthy Online Christian Dating Profile

[Clear, closeup photo of your beautiful or handsome face]

My favorite brunch spot is “Business Name.” Check out their menu & message me what you’d order on a first date.

When I’m not brunching or teaching the young 4th-grade minds of America, you can find me on my favorite hike, spending time admiring God’s creation (see pic 3 for the most gorgeous waterfall).

I’m not one to shy away from solo adventures, but my mom always tells me I’d be safer with a partner <silly face emoji>. In all seriousness, I’m hoping to find a like-minded person who loves Jesus, pancakes, and waterfalls as much as I do. slide right if that’s you!



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