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The 10 Commandments of Christian Dating

Read Exodus 20 if you want to know God’s 10 commandments for His people. Keep reading this post to learn the 10 commandments of Christian dating.

Christian Dating Commandment #1: Thou Shalt Put God First

God before everything. God before everyone. Your relationship with God before any other relationship. It’s the most important Christian dating commandment (and a great rule to live by in every aspect of life).

Christian Dating Commandment #2: Thou Shalt Make an Effort

Your perfect match isn’t going to come knocking at your door. You have to put yourself out there and make an effort to meet new people. Whether you try online dating or go the traditional route, Christian dating requires effort. (Read how to avoid dating burnout while still making a valiant effort.)

Christian Dating Commandment #3: Thou Shalt Not Ditch Friends

Don’t disappear from your friend group as soon as you start dating someone new! Including your friends in your dating life is so important, especially if they have similar values as you. The right friends will cheer you on when things are going great and be a shoulder to cry on when you need them. Keep your dates close and your friends closer.

Christian Dating Commandment #4: Thou Shalt Be Patient

When Christian dating, patience is paramount. Rejecting the idea of instant gratification and instead striving to align your life with God's will may be difficult, but it is immensely rewarding.

Christian Dating Commandment #5: Thou Shalt Trust God’s Timing

God knows your desire to find someone to date or marry. God knows your desire to have a family. God knows your desire to leave your single season once and for all. But God also knows the perfect time for all that to happen. While you’re practicing being patient, practice trusting His timing as well.

Christian Dating Commandment #6: Thou Shalt Not be Unequally Yoked

Christianity doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Even on a faith-based dating app like Upward, you’ll encounter different types of Christians. The Bible says not to be unequally yoked. Keep this in mind when considering whether or not someone could be “the one.”

Christian Dating Commandment #7: Thou Shalt Not be Too Picky

While faith is one area to always be picky, try not to be too picky when it comes to things like looks, hobbies, style, and height. Be open-minded and willing to date someone who isn’t your typical “type.” You never know how much you might enjoy being in a relationship with someone you typically wouldn’t go for.

Christian Dating Commandment #8: Thou Shalt Ask for Guidance

Asking for Christian dating advice isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of wisdom. You don’t have to go through this journey alone. Learn from people who’ve been where you are and are now in a loving, God-centered relationship like you want to be.

Christian Dating Commandment #9: Thou Shalt Establish Boundaries

It’s wise not to start dating until you’ve established your Christian dating boundaries. It’s also important to set boundaries with your boyfriend or girlfriend once you begin dating. Boundaries are designed to protect you and others emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Having healthy, godly boundaries in place honors God and improves your dating experience.

Christian Dating Commandment #10: Thou Shalt Not Forget Your Worth

And most importantly, what and who defines your worth. Your worth is not defined by your relationship status. It doesn’t change if someone ghosts you. Your worth isn’t determined by what other people think about you. Your worth is found in God–the One who created you, loves you, and finds you immensely valuable regardless of your relationship status.


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Jun 04, 2023

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