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4 Types of Christians You'll Meet on a Christian Dating App

“What kind of Christian are you?” is one of the best questions for online dating. Because the truth is, Christianity doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Here are four types of Christians you’re bound to encounter on a Christian dating app.

Christian in Word but Not in Deed

You might come across people on a dating app who are talking the talk but not walking the walk. Even if they’re on Upward–the dating app designed specifically for Christian singles–it doesn’t mean they live out their faith the same way you do.

It’s important to keep an eye out for people who say one thing but do another. You can find out if someone is a Christian in word but not in deed by asking questions like:

  • How do you live out your faith daily?

  • Do you attend church every week–why or why not?

  • Are prayer and Bible reading an important part of your faith walk?

  • What do you and your friends do on the weekends?

By asking a few simple questions and considering a person’s answer, you’ll start to understand whether they walk the walk or just talk the talk.

New to Christianity

You might come across people on a dating app who are new to Christianity. Perhaps they recently converted to Christianity from another religion or have never practiced faith at all. Either way, someone recently becoming a Christian is a reason to celebrate–it’s a green flag.

Still, it’s important to gauge their commitment to their faith, especially if they haven’t been Christian for long. You can learn a lot about someone’s faith journey by asking questions like:

  • What made you decide to pursue Christianity?

  • What are you doing now to grow closer to God?

  • Have you found a church to attend?

  • What do your friends and family think of your decision to be a Christian?

These simple questions are great conversation starters and can give you insight into how committed someone is to their new faith.

Grew Up Christian but Don’t Practice All Elements of Faith

69% of Americans identify as Christian. 22% of Americans attend church every week. A lot of people who say they’re Christian do so because they grew up in a Christian household. This doesn’t mean they still live out all elements of faith in their daily life.

Understanding how someone continues to pursue God, even if they’ve been Christian their entire life, is essential. You can learn a lot about someone’s dedication to their faith by asking questions like:

  • What made you continue to pursue Christianity once you no longer lived under your parents’ roof?

  • Do you attend church every week–why or why not?

  • Do you think prayer is an important aspect of a dating relationship–why or why not?

  • How has your faith impacted your life?

There aren’t any right or wrong answers–but these questions will start conversations that help you decide if the person is the right type of Christian for you.

Christian in the Same Way You Are

When the Bible says not to be unequally yoked, it means believers should date other believers. It also means you should date someone who is on the same page as you when it comes to the type of Christian they are.

If you attend church regularly, you need someone who also values church attendance. If you want prayer to be a central part of your relationship, you need someone who is comfortable doing that with you. If your faith compels you to stay away from the party scene, it’s best to find someone who doesn’t party on the weekends.

The best part of using a Christian dating app is that it’s filled with many types of Christians. By having conversations and asking good questions, you can find someone who is Christian like you–the perfect match made in heaven.

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