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10 Questions About Faith to Ask the Person You're Dating

Questions about faith to ask while dating

When you're in a relationship, especially a new one, understanding each other's faith can deepen your connection on an intimate level. Here are ten insightful questions about faith to explore with the person you’re dating.

1. What Role Does Faith Play in Your Life?

This question dives into how central their faith is to their daily decisions, values, and interactions with others. It helps you understand if your spiritual lives are compatible and if you prioritize your beliefs in the same way. Remember, 2 Corinthians 6:14 warns against being unequally yoked in belief.

2. How Do You Connect With God?

Some find closeness to God in nature, others through music, and some through serving those in need. Discovering how your partner connects with God can open opportunities for shared spiritual activities. It's a way to see how they incorporate their faith into regular life, making it personal and real.

3. What's Your Favorite Bible Verse and Why?

This question reveals the guiding principles of their life and what spiritually motivates them. Whether it’s a verse about love, courage, or faith, the reason behind their choice can show what values are most important. It's a beautiful glimpse into what words of Scripture move them at their core.

4. How Do You Practice Forgiveness?

Discussing how they've handled forgiveness in the past gives insight into their capacity for grace and understanding in difficult situations. It shows whether they hold onto grievances or if they genuinely work toward reconciliation, as Ephesians 4:32 encourages. This conversation can be deeply revealing about their character and heart.

5. How Important Is Church to You?

This question sheds light on whether they see church as a vital part of their spiritual life, merely a weekly obligation, or something in between. It reveals not just their personal beliefs but also how they engage with a community that supports, challenges, and grows together in faith. Discussing the importance of church can open up conversations about how you both envision supporting each other's spiritual growth.

6. How Would You Like to Serve Others Together?

This question explores the practical side of living out James 2:17, which speaks to faith being demonstrated through action. It's an opportunity to dream and plan ways to make a difference together. Finding common ground in service projects can strengthen your relationship and your faith.

7. What Are Your Faith Goals?

Understanding their spiritual ambitions can help you support one another in growth and challenges. This not only aligns with supporting each other's individual journeys but shows how you can grow spiritually as a couple. It's about envisioning a future where your faith will flourish.

8. How Do You View Tithing and Giving?

Their approach to tithing and generosity reflects their obedience and trust in God's provision, as discussed in Malachi 3:10. It also reveals their attitudes toward money and stewardship, which are important components in a shared future. Discussing this can lead to deeper conversations about finances and faith-driven financial decisions.

9. What Challenges Have You Faced in Your Faith?

Everyone has moments of doubt or challenge. Hearing about their struggles and how they've overcome them (or are working through them) can show their resilience and dependence on God. It's an intimate glance into their spiritual battles and victories.

10. How Do You Envision Faith in Our Relationship?

This question sets the stage for how your faith will intersect and grow within your relationship. It talks about setting spiritual objectives as a couple, like praying together or attending church. It's an important step in making sure your relationship honors God and each other.

Having these conversations can really enrich your relationship, creating a foundation built on mutual faith and understanding. Remember, these aren't just questions; they're pathways to deeper connection and spiritual intimacy.



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This is awesome 👌


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Excellent group of questions

Vital for any Christ centered Relationship.


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Excellent advice and direction, unless any relationship is founded on Christ, it doesn’t stand

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