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7 Group Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun

7 group date ideas that are actually fun

Looking to add a little excitement to your dating life? Group dates can be a fantastic way to mix things up. Plus, they’re a great environment to learn how the person you’re dating interacts in social situations.

Here are seven group date ideas that are sure to be a hit, whether you're seeking something adventurous and high-energy or more relaxed and introspective.

1. Outdoor Movie Night

Why not organize an outdoor movie night? Choose a classic film, set up a projector in your backyard, and invite your friends for a night under the stars. You can arrange cozy seating with blankets and lawn chairs, creating a comfortable and intimate setting. To add to the experience, consider serving homemade popcorn and a selection of your group's favorite snacks and beverages. 

2. Trivia Night at a Local Pub

One of the best ways to bond as a group is through friendly competition. Trivia nights at local pubs are often filled with laughter and camaraderie. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to learn something new! If you don’t drink alcohol, there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks you can order at a bar to enjoy this group date idea.

3. Amusement Park

Do you live within driving distance of an amusement park? If so, it’s a great group date idea because you have an even number of people, so everyone has a partner to ride the rides with. From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to the leisurely Ferris wheel, it's a place where fun and laughter are guaranteed. Not to mention, the shared experience of thrill and excitement can bring your group closer together. And don't forget about those classic amusement park games — winning a prize for your date always adds a charming touch to the day.

4. Hiking Trip

Get some fresh air with a group hiking trip. Choose a trail that suits everyone's fitness levels and enjoy the beauty of nature together. To add an extra touch of fun and relaxation to your outing, why not pack a picnic lunch? Everyone can contribute a dish, turning the meal into a delightful potluck feast. Find a picturesque spot along the trail to spread your blanket and enjoy the food. It gives everyone a chance to relax, refuel, and revel in the natural beauty surrounding you. 

5. Bible Study Group

A Bible study group can be a meaningful and enriching experience. It's a chance to deepen your faith while getting to know each other on a more spiritual level. Plus, it's like having a pre-scheduled date night because small groups typically meet multiple times throughout the month. Not only will you strengthen your relationship with God, but you’ll strengthen your connections with each other, too.

6. Cooking Class

A cooking class is another fun and interactive group date idea. It’s a chance to step out of your comfort zone, learn new culinary skills, and work together as a team to create something delicious. Not only do you get to learn new recipes, but you also get to enjoy the fruits of your labor afterward. It’s fun and flirty in a casual environment. And who knows? You might even discover a hidden talent among your friends.

7. Attend a Concert

Is your favorite band coming to town? Perhaps your church is hosting a festival with popular Christian artists. Events like these are perfect group date ideas. Not only do they provide an exciting atmosphere with live music, but they also offer an opportunity for the group to bond over shared musical tastes. Once the show is over, consider slipping away just the two of you for a bite to eat to talk and get to know each other even better.

Spending time with someone you’re dating in a group setting is a fun, relaxed way to break down barriers and build connections. This environment naturally encourages conversation and shared experiences, making finding common ground and deepening the relationship easier. Will you give it a try?



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