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Brittany & Nathan

Another Upward Testimony:

told by Nathan:

Hey Upward, I’m Nathan and this is my wonderful, beautiful bride to be Brittany. So my beautiful wife-to-be and I met on here May 27th, 2020. She is/was the best part of my year by far. I am from a small town in Michigan, near the borders of Ohio and Brittany is from the suburbs of Metro Detroit - which is 1 1/2 hours away from each other. If we were to have set a 25-mile radius distance filter on the app we would have never met; however, we let God do His thing and in no way did I expect to find this wonderful woman. But when you get on here and let God do what He has in store for you, you could potentially meet that special someone that was made just for you; and maybe just as special as this beautiful woman is to me. ;)



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